Scott Mackey Designs

I'm a graphic designer and social media manager based in Pullman, Washington. This site is under some serious construction at the moment, please forgive. I am currently accepting freelance design & web projects; the best way to contact me is by email

Hello there, passionate entrepreneur!

You've got a stellar business with BIG goals, but a logo that feels uninspired and blends in. You're ready to elevate your brand so you can raise your prices with confidence, attract more customers, introduce a new service… or just to finally have a brand that feels like “you.”

Blending in is not how you do things. Luckily, it's not how I do things either. Let's chat about creating that stellar brand your customers will get excited about! Pick a time that suits you :)

Here's what we'll work on, together:

 Custom logo design  No cookie cutter designs here, I'll come alongside you to craft a design that attracts your audience. Everything from custom lettering, illustration, unique color palettes & typography.

 Designs for marketing pieces  Let's translate your fresh brand to tangible elements that work best for you, so your brand is consistent & well-designed. You can pick what you want:

 Social media profiles  Stay consistent on your favorite platforms with a matching suite of profile & banner graphics.

 Brand support  Once we wrap up your brand idendity & marketing essentials, I'll be available to continue the relationship post-launch! No project is too small for my clients and I'd love to continue enhancing your brand with visuals that harmonize.

and now, for a little show & tell…

Shop Local  
Astronaut & The Trees  
Moscow Bagel & Deli  
Paradise Creek Brewery  
Merry Cellars  
Palouse Craftwerks  
Washington State University  
Mateja Travel  
Pedal The Palouse  
Andru Gomez  
Paradise Creek Brewery  
Washington State University  
Washington State University  

Who's got time for social?

Your current and potential customers do. There's a lot more to social media than taking a poorly-lit pic with your phone and putting it on Facebook with a corny tagline once a week. In the minds of today's consumers, the quality of your presence on social media is a direct reflection of the quality of a business, it's products, and services.

Social Media Auto-Pilot

 Develop a plan  Being smart about your ongoing presence and interaction with customers is the first step. We'll work to identify where your customer base is active online and what they want to know about you.

 Consistency is the key  We'll put together a schedule of pre-generated posts with witty copy and professional photographs of your location and products.

 Accurate advertising  Pick the demographic of social media user you want to advertise to with laser accuracy. We'll develop three “personalities” that we can target based on your different products & services.

and now, for a little about myself…

Designer, photographer, and dog dad currently living & working out of Pullman, Washington.

I have been designing visual materials and websites for ten years, initially having cut my teeth as the content creator for a craft brewery and on a plethora of freelance projects for small business and event promotions.

In previous professional lives I've worked as a Habitat Biologist, Zookeeper, and Rockclimbing Instructor. This variety of experience has shaped the way I envision new projects and where I draw much of my inspiration. I love adventures and am always looking for the next epic in work and life. What I'm not hustling on a job I'm getting lost somewhere around the Pacific Northwest.

It's my goal and my passion to help intriguing, ethical businesses and ventures look good. Whether it's in print or on the web, I'm continually energized by creating great work with awesome people.

If you think we'd be a good professional match, let's do something! Hit me up on email at or you can DM me on Twitter @sk_aught

My resume is available here.